Gone Leaf Peeping Socks

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Gone Leaf Peeping Socks is fun from the first stitch, knit cuff down. This will become your favorite. I’ve designed it for those days you find yourself sitting in a coffee shop sipping on your favorite beverage. Easy to memorize.
Weight: Fingering
Yarn: Harvest, 2 colors

Designer: Knit On Designs by Deb Buckingham
Language: English
Craft: Knitting
Category: Feet
This is an independent pattern. If you purchase a kit, you will have to buy the pattern separately.
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Sizes: S (M, L)

Needle: US 1 - 2.25 mm

Difficulty: Beginner Sock Knitter

A Craft Yarn Council chart has been provided to help you determine the length of your sock based on your foot size. Most of my socks have one cast on for an average width foot (keep in mind socks stretch, so this is rarely a problem), some have more sizes depending on the sock.